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This is an advanced AI simulation that can interact and respond to many of your actions in a dynamic way through inverse kinematics, complex behaviors, and currently over 200 animations.  In short, this is a tamagochi on steroids. v0.7 just came out 1/19/20 and includes cooking! Visit the [DISCORD]to download custom clothing and characters! Subscribe to my YouTube channel


You can get access to in depth technical information, modeling, animation, and programming blogs!


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it works whit windows mixed reality?

If you bind it with SteamVR Input yes.

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tengo un problema el archivo empieza a descargarse pero de la nada aparece ´´error:prohibido´´ o tambien el de ´´error de red´´

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需要 Windows 的版本



hola soy nuevo pero estoy recien descargando el juego


how do i  make her strands soapy?

yep,have the same problem,my pc is nothing special but it can run gta 5 on 60 middle graphics so its a game bug definitely.


Rub soap in your hand. Use ingame settings to locate your controllers if you cant touch your hands ingame before real Controller collide.


everything works fine but i cant see the loli???? i can like touch her and lead her around but i cant see her

I have an oculus rift s, and I am playing the game normally but it is muted. I can't hear anything, but the sounds on the oculus menu work normally. Is there any way to resolve this?


My shinobu project have some problems

... Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade... how far you've fallen... well, at least lil Shinobu finally got her doughnuts...

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r the doughnuts really in the game because i can'find them

yes they are, i found it but i was too dark to know the way, all i know is there is a cart with a latern and some donut


I have an oculus quest and have tried using Virtual Desktop as well as Oculus link and have gotten the game to run in vr, but anytime i go to the steam vr settings to change the key binding so my controllers work it just says its detecting Viva Project’s controller scheme forever, never letting me actually change the scheme and actually play in vr. I’d try the control fix that you’ve provided but i cant even get to the first step because i cant open up the big picture menu in steam vr. 

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Same problem here.

19/03/2020  Now works again! solved. Probably was an  Steam VR issue.

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Do this work with the oculus rift s controllers? I tried to bind my keys but it won´t work.

Eu baixo e na hora q vou jogar fala q não é possível entrar no jogo alguém me ajuda

Does this game work in windows mixed reality?

or do you have a plan to

I'm using samsung odyssey vr

Thank you

you can setup your binds with SteamVR Input so technically yes.

In 0.7.8 o r in 0.75b beta, there is nothing to do about washing hair, the strands simply not react to washing , there is no bubbles like the videos are showing.

A bug ?

Yes. It's been added to bug list.

Ok, cool then.

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How do i put objects down when not in vr? I got her ear and the rubber ducky stuck in my hands and couldn't let go. Also, yesterday when i was in vr i got stuck in the room with the locked door and couldn't get out. One more note, this may just be my oculus, but when i dropped objects on the floor, I couldn't get them back, the floor was just a tad too low. Maybe a farther/bigger hitbox would alleviate this? I'm not a game dev tho so maybe it's just me :/ Thank you!

Shift + Left/Right Mouse Click

Is there anyway to reset or delete the save game? im kinda broke the game after clossing the wardrobe with my hands and cursor inside. After that im falling to infinite sky everytime i load the game. This might sounds stupid but PLS HELP !

Delete the game save file lol it's in the instructions.

¿Puedes hacer un indicador de dónde estás cuando abres el mapa?
¿Y pueden mejorar los reflejos?



Had girl sink into the bed while I was off horseback riding.

I'm guessing that's not intentional.

i can't see anything where i am on the map....

so i got confused and forgot how to come back at the house. ._.

Can anyone help me? I'm using my Oculus quest. I get the game to start it's streaming using virtual virtual desktop and steamvr. But the buttons don't work. I did try the settings thing but it just says loading binding and nothing is happening.

Make sure you are using SteamVR for it. Try using a different web browser for your bindings or try to do it ingame in the SteamVR HUD.

Is it even possible to add custom body support to the game? So that the player will need to do preparatory work with the model inside the game or in third-party programs, of course


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I'm having trouble downloading it ... would it be possible to download elsewhere/server? (Examples: Google Drive, Mediafire, Torrent ...)

Dont use the itch.io app. Download it straight from the main page. This is the only place to get it for now.


Can this work without VR?


o jogo precisa de vr obrigatoriamente

I wonder if there is controller support.. Downloading now anyway.

I saw senko san, the only reason I clicked

Man you need to fix hands in mouse keyboard mode! They're all shaking,

i can't even headpat the loli!

I just released a patch for this.

Thank you!😀


Buenos días.

Solo tengo una sugerencia.

¿No has pensado en compartir un documento con todos los textos del juego? Para que entre todos los traduscamos y agregarle mas variedad de idiomas.

De esa forma posiblemente te ahorrarías el tener que traducir.

(En el caso de ser posible).


Claro. Pronto.

Shinobu Dev , ¿ podrías hacer que cuando se enoje sea un poco grecizaba  o violenta lo suficiente como para defenderse , gracias ?

Quiza mas tarde.

I’ve been considering getting a VR headset, so before I decide on which one to get I had a question: is this available for the Oculus Quest? It’s probably a stupid question, but better safe than sorry. Thanks!

No but you could stream it to it if you have a beefy PC.

What the heck is this game about.

Hello, i have a problem on downloading the game. When i've downloaded the game, the file came up with ''Open with...''. What should i open the file with?


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For those who are having trouble setting up the rift controls, try adding the game to steam (there is an option in the bottom left where you can add a non-steam game) and then set the buttons on steam vr and Before was not available to save controls will appear, so minimize the game and have fun.

O que outras pessoas estão dizendo

Deleted 87 days ago

Controller problems. Look here:

Can anyone help me with the bath portion? I can't seem to properly use the soap. I can make my hands soapy, but shes just stuck in the tub with soapy hair. Anyone know how to do this part? Thanks.

Give her the towel.

I start the game, And there is no Shinobu, She does not spawn no matter what 

go up to the mirror.

Hello I have a Problem, when I try to open VivaProject.exe.

I get an Error which says:

There should be 'VivaProject_Data'
folder next to the executable

But everything is on its right place, what should I do?

Make sure you extract the entire folder somewhere before playing.

Thanks, it works now, I just downloaded a new rar opener, because my other opener didnt extract  everything.

My character is glitching. How to solve?

You might have an outdated graphics card. Make sure you do NOT have an integrated Intel 3000/4000.

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