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This is an advanced AI simulation that can interact and respond to many of your actions in a dynamic way through inverse kinematics, complex behaviors, and currently over 200 animations.  In short, this is a tamagochi on steroids. v0.6 just came out 9/28/19 and includes custom character support! Visit the [DISCORD]to download custom clothing! Subscribe to my YouTube channel for free updates!

NOTE: Old hardware (7+ years old) does not work properly with this game!


You can get access to in depth technical information, modeling, animation, and programming blogs!


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can you save the pictures you take using the camera as files? if not I think that would be a great feature.

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do you have names for the girls yet?

They all have names already. They will be displayed later.

What is the system requirements?

64 bit. And NO graphics card older than 7 years.

agan una para 32 bits

Models are glitched for me any advice?

Do you have very old hardware? The game does not run well on old integrated graphics cards. (7+ ish years old)

Does anyone know if this work using a Samsung Gear VR on android or is it solely for PC?

only pc

I am new to the vr and was wondering if I can I download games like this that download to your pc and play them on the oculus quest. And if I can how can I do that. Please help me. Thank you 🙏 

Yeah just sideload it to your Quest. But it does not work by itself. It has to be tethered to your desktop.

Thank you 🙏 and i kinda changed my mind and decided to go on the oculus rift s Bc I think it would be easier playing pc games on the rift then the quest. And again thank you for answering my question it helped me to make a good choice 

I'm having problems with the camera angles.

The camera angle switches into random directions very often and it really frustrates me. I'd be looking at Shinobu trying to head pat her and the next moment I'd be looking in the complete opposite direction. 

I'm using the Oculus Rift and I have no idea how to fix this, please help.

Sounds like an issue with your head tracking. Are you pressing the rotate button on your controller?

I am not.

Is it instant or gradual? I can't think of anything else that might spin your view besides the controller buttons. Could it be your headset?

Not sure what you mean by instant/gradual, but it usually does a complete 180/90 degree turn every 5 or so seconds in spurts. I don't think it's my headset because other games don't have this problem.


Real soon.

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Yesh! Finally it arrives. Cool and good game. Ectremely Duper juber real Awesome!!! You should play this with VR than Keyboard Mouse controls. Guaranteed, it will be much easier to grab things! As of now.

She looks like she has sunburn, her skin is pure red for me

It is possible to have the SDK of this game?


Hi, this does not work. I've downloaded this and the previous one (Viva/Shinobu Project). Shinobu Project opened and would just get the "Loading" in the Oculus screen and wouldn't actually load up whereas with Viva Project, Oculus doesn't even acknowledge that I've opened it. Both load up on the desktop and i can play with mouse/keyboard but the games just end up saying it can't connect to VR. All my Oculus games and other third party games work fine.

Mmh not sure what to say. Use SteamVR.

Just so you know, I cannot install via the itch io app, it says "No compatible uploads were found for this title".

sirve para windows 10?

nope, only IBM Warp OS/2


es de una fuerza

 el kit de vr?


i love your game. she is so cute

yeah i got it to work on quest using Riftcat 2.0 connecting to steam vr then launching the game riftcat has a free 10 min trial period that you can restart over and over .If you actually buy riftcat 2.0 you get unlimited playtime and can play almost any vr game on the quest after a little bit of sideloading which is is fully explained on the rift cat website ,And no i dont work or am gaining anything from saying this.But riftcat works very well with quest and you dont even have to side load your vr games as long as they play in steam vr mode :) oh and by the way this intelligent ai game is the bees knees keep up the great work i hope to see this project fruit into something absolutely fantastic and im sure it will

Will this ever be able to work with Quest? Like being able to be sold on the Steam store or Oculus store or like with sideloading or something else?

Sideloading works. Just map controls with steamvr input.

hi im asylum grandad ive found an easier way to play virtually any windows compatible VR games on my quest it involves a program that you can try for free called Riftcat 2.0 the free version only gives you 10 minutes of play but it worked so well that i bought  the full version which is around £20 for unlimited game play.if you have any questions on how to sideload apps straight into your oculus i can do that too with the free program Sidequest that also lets you install some free stuff straight to your quest as well as mods , games and apps for example if you have beat saber there is a whole section of mods for it  .You can attempt to sideload any Apk files to your quest with sideload with varying results it isnt hard to do and if you need any info follow me and message me back i can give you a list of the apk's that i downloaded that work fine but i know there will be plenty more apk's that DO work smash hit works and so does please do not touch anything  and i can teach you how to mod your beat saber to play custom songs too .i hope you reply i spent a while thinking what to write to you any questions you have on where to get these programs or apks and i will answer asap o.k thx and bye good luck with your quest. If you like ill give you my quest name and you can add me to your friends list 

Deleted post

Looking into it.

Hello, i have a problem with the WMR controller set, i can get in the game and the hands are moving and tracking but i can't click on anything like all the buttons and inputs do not respond i need help, thanks

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Setup your buttons with SteamVR Input.

me also and i dont know how  im stuck :(

Does the game later get a more urban setting or is it always gonna be in a desert ?

I have a problem while running the game.  It requires to set a binding for controllers, but it won't save the binding. The "Save" button just doesn't work. Does anybody know how to solve that? If I don't save the binding and start playing, the controllers won't work.

what VR headset? Make sure your internet is working.

The VR headset is WMR. My internet is sure working. Maybe I should reinstall SteamVR or something like that?

me also i cannot save

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Love it! But I got some kind of bug, and can't play. Everything works and appears just fine, but Loli is almost invisible. I can only see her skirt and some weird pink lines. Help? (I'm on PC btw, 64bit)


this is amazing hands down

can someone help me for some reason my headpats don't do anything how does one give headpats in this gaem

Pc or keyboard?

Porque en Mexico y no como en el anime en japon ?

Porque no es copia completa de el anime y tambien porque habra caracteres diferentes

for the next version can you release a specific version for the quest not from pc-stream?

No. There is a lot of overhead porting to mobile. You can stream it to your Quest instead. via sideloading

the problem is that I have a PC that only manages to start it in desktop mode because ALVR and rifcat do not work on my pc, because my pc is not able to make vr games work

anyway thanks for the reply

My p.c isnt supposed to play vr games either it has only a gtx745 graphics card which is way below VR STandards But but i can play windows VR games through steam vr when connected to my quest if you have any questions feel free to ask

I saw that you replied yes when someone asked if this would be available on the Oculus Quest, and I just want to make sure you didn't mistake Quest for Rift S. I didn't see anything about an apk download for the Quest, so I'd just like to double check.

no apk. Stream to your quest.

Ah, okay. Thank you!

hio, are you planning on expanding the playable map?

Absolutely thats next after character customization.

Hola me gustaria saber si sirve para windows 7??



Can this Have Ps4 Or Xbox One Controller Support?

if you use ps4 and xbox controller how are you gonna move the hand?

Use The Left Analog To Move And Right Analog To Move Hands


Hello ,
First of all, I want to say that you have achieved an unbelievable performance and a huge thank you !!

I have a question? will there be a Windows Mixed Reality support?

And again a huge thank you for your work.

PS : sorry for my very bad englisch .

yes this Sunday for v0.55

will it be available on oculus quest?


yes on 8/4/19

thank you

Deleted post

Abra bercion para Android, en Caso de Que No porfavor podrias considerar Sacar una mas adelante?

No Android

por favor  considera lo sacar más adelante lograría ser un éxito de igual modo en Android 

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Will this be avalible on playstation 4?


is it possible to make it so I can change the direction I'm facing in vr without physically moving in the real world? with the analog stick?

Yes you can already do that. I dont know what VR controller you are using but PRESS the trackpad/thumbstick to rotate. If you are using Index or Quest, support for those controllers isn't available until v0.55 which will be released in 10 days.

oh ok, I'm using the rift, I had never seen a control like that before so I didnt know, thank you for the response 

Will it be released a version for WINDOWS MIXED REALITY?

Yes in v0.55. 8/4/19

Thanks a lot!


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