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This is an advanced AI simulation that can interact and respond to many of your actions in a dynamic way through inverse kinematics, complex behaviors, and currently over 200 animations.  In short, this is a tamagochi on steroids. v0.75 just came out 4/18/20 and includes card games! Visit the [DISCORD] to download custom clothing and characters! Subscribe to the YouTube channel for updates.


You can get access to in depth technical information, modeling, animation, and programming blogs!


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Viva Project v0.75.3.rar 577 MB

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does this game work with leapmotion sensor? I really want it to work with leap motion :)

i still cant get this game to play, and ive tried everything i can think of, its so frustrating!

can I get a tutorial on how to download it as im so confused


I know this may seem a super greedy request, but if its possbile- could you put this game on devices like android, iPhone etc?

how would that even work? its a VR game that has support for desktop. even on desktop the whole experience isnt the same, but on a phone? i dont see how that is an idea that is going to happen anywhere in the near future

 will this game work on windows mixed reality?

It says file Forbidden can someone help me out here?

hi viva project sooner or later will you create a quest version? because many people do not have a PC that supports virtual reality (like me for example) but would like to try the game in VR mode so if possible will you create a quest version?

Deleted 13 days ago

You can already do that here. When you click download you can set a donation amount. But it makes little sense to do say $5 because that can give you 5 months worth of development access.

you plan to release the game for steam ?

plan to continue updating the game ?

Always. If you are interested in following the game's development check out https://www.patreon.com/sgthale

system requirements?


Personagem, fica todo preto só aparece a saía.

i tried re-downloading it, but it has the same error, and i did extract it

any other ideas

Make sure you properly downloaded it. I dont know what else could be wrong.

me ayudan cuando ya tengo el rar ya descargado cuando lo voy a descomprimir se me abren dos ventanas una me dice que no se encontrado archivos y la otra dice ''que el archivo tiene un formato desconocido o esta dañado''

me ayudaria su respuesta 

Hey dude. I just wanna say thank you for creating this awesome game, and made it compatible with mouse and keyboard.

You have no idea how much this helps me, like, in a personal level. And with the current crisis right now and my country in Movement Control Order, this really helps alot. I want to tell you how much I wanted to cry but my tear duct's not working right now.

Also, is there gonna be a way to change the pictures on the walls? Maybe a mod support beside the loli? 

Anyways, thank you for making this. You are a hero.

God bless.

No problems mang.

so i tried and it still wont start, an error message displays about unityplayer.ddl not found, any idea of how to solve this?

Make sure you download properly and EXTRACT

En una futura actualización podrían hacer que la niña sintiera sentimientos cómo pena, enojo, etc.

Y que sienta cosas como dolor, cosquillas, etc 👍

I have an odd problem where the game seems to be producing a 'ghost' image of everything. The entire world is repeated but slightly out of place and translucent. Rift VR, no other game I've played in VR makes a similar effect

Try changing the anti aliasing mode in the game's options settings.

That fixed it, thank you so much! Now to try and get her to recognize my gestures..

  • It was fun. Thank you

Does this have index support, if not is there any plan to implement that?

It has index support out of the box.

Dude Is it loli when she loads it is distorted what are the system requirements of this game?

I have the same problem

eu estava fazendo o dowload,mais em uma hora apareceu ´Falha-Proibido´ poderiam me dizer como arrumar isso pfv agradeço


i wish the girl wasnt a loli so i wouldnt feel so degenerate just because i want to check out this sick AI

Do u need a vr set for this?


Ok! Thanks! Btw, when I open it up it brings me to a VLC media player but I'm not sure what to do

so im pretty sure im just stupid but i cant get the game to start. anything would help

1.) Download the .rar

2.) Open the .rar with Winrar or 7zip (google them)
3.) place the contents outside and then just run the .exe

Deleted 26 days ago
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i cant open the file, something about it being .RAR?

use Winrar or 7zip

it works now ty

Deleted 42 days ago

Works just fine for me. Try again now mayBe?


Can you please make a port for the oculus quest ?

(that may be possible thanks to OpenXR [maybe])

I have a problem the file starts to download but out of nowhere appears "error: prohibited" or also the "network error"

it works whit windows mixed reality?

If you bind it with SteamVR Input yes.

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tengo un problema el archivo empieza a descargarse pero de la nada aparece ´´error:prohibido´´ o tambien el de ´´error de red´´

A mi también me pasa lo mismo amigo ya lo solucionaste? 

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需要 Windows 的版本



hola soy nuevo pero estoy recien descargando el juego


how do i  make her strands soapy?

yep,have the same problem,my pc is nothing special but it can run gta 5 on 60 middle graphics so its a game bug definitely.


Rub soap in your hand. Use ingame settings to locate your controllers if you cant touch your hands ingame before real Controller collide.

i'm on computer and i rubbed the soap


everything works fine but i cant see the loli???? i can like touch her and lead her around but i cant see her

I have an oculus rift s, and I am playing the game normally but it is muted. I can't hear anything, but the sounds on the oculus menu work normally. Is there any way to resolve this?


My shinobu project have some problems

... Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade... how far you've fallen... well, at least lil Shinobu finally got her doughnuts...

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