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This is an advanced AI simulation that can interact and respond to many of your actions in a dynamic way through inverse kinematics, complex behaviors, and currently over 200 animations.  In short, this is a tamagochi on steroids. v0.8 just came out 11/13/20! Visit the [DISCORD] to download custom clothing and characters! Subscribe to the YouTube channel for updates.


You can get access to in depth technical information, modeling, animation, and programming blogs!


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(Old) Shinobu_Project_WIN64_v0_4_3_2.rar 193 MB
(OLD) Shinobu_Project_WIN64_v0_5_0_4.zip 305 MB
(Old) Viva Project v0.55.3.rar 277 MB
(Old) Viva Project v0.6.3.rar 358 MB
(RECOMMENDED!) Viva Project v0.75.3.rar 577 MB
Viva Project v0.8.03.rar 702 MB

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This looks amazing! Great job! It's not often you see characters as interactable as this. Keep up the good work :)

Why does each version after 0.55 say that it might be an unknown format or is damaged? I've downloaded these versions several times, but I still can't extract them

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Use a newer version of WinRAR.  I was using an old version and just installed the latest and that solved this issue for me.

Please new discord invite link

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They ban her discord server, if i'm not wrong

i try everthing in comment for oculus quest 2, but all not working, help mee!!

how do i get this to work w/  rift s?? i use trinus psvr to convert it and when I open it, it just makes the screen black but I can still hear sounds


would i be able to use virtual desktop on oculus to play this

The game well, it's fun but please, make the game more compatible with oculus, specially on steamVR. I don't know but the first time I go inside the game the community binding keys was working, but now for some reason it changes to default the bindings, it doesn't appear the community bindings and sometimes I told the game to change the bindings at it keeps with the default bindings. And I tried to make my own controlls and it's useless. No matter what i change I still cant grab and point actions. Please if you make the game compatible with oculus users you will make happy a lot of people

Hi,I open the game and the character only appears the skirt, the rest is invisible

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Hey so I have a wmr headset (specifically a Samsung Odyssey+), I've set up my keybinds in steam but when I go into VR mode in the controls my hands are stuck in the floor and aren't tracking, does anyone know how to fix this?

make a new version for pc please

Where i can download more skins?

On the official website go to "Cards" and you can find characters and clothings there. You can also get them via the launcher if you have.

Is the PC version worth playing, or not?
I don't have VR 

Yeah it is pretty decent. I'd give it a try, if you want to do as much as you can in the current game, get the version 0.75.3, although, if you want to mess with newer physics, get the version 0.8.03

Is it still down or up again? I don't know if I'm downloading it wrong or it's not running up yet.


Я знаю зачем вы здесь!


*intense sweating*

is the website down?


yeah its been down since yesterday, i hope its nothing serious so it can come back at some point

damn, just when I started playing this game; hope it comes back online soon!


it has indeed come back, i just checked again and the sites live so whatever happened must of been sorted out

Really?, I still can't acces the website I'm getting an error message; error 522 


its down again yeah, just keep a eye on it and download what you can the next time its working so you can archive the models and such

i did incase something like this happens

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So a simple video is out to get the game work on oculu quest 2.

And please don't mind the lazy edits okay ;P.

Is the PC version worth playing, or not?
I don't have VR so I was wondering if the game works well or if it's f-up

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I got my quest 2 controllers working via steam VR(BETA). I just used someone's shared keybinds and it worked pretty well. I maybe make a video about this (MAYBE).

for now, use these:

to get the beta version of steam VR:

and maybe this one(Deutsch):


cant get the buttons to work of the Rift s

please make it sidequest compatible (please make it as apk file) if you do it would be very good

Is there a way to get this to work on oculus quest 2?

You can use the Oculus Link or wait for the Quest version to be released which is in development

Fixed it

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There is a bug for me when I enter the tutorial world I am stuck there even if I exit the green ring or reset the game.

it would be cool if there was an apk file so i can play it in vr without my garbage laptop 

Are you still working in it?

can we change the keyboard controls?

not working on oculus rift s can it be fixed?

works fine for me on rift s

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Not work for me too (the grab), maybe.. iAmYaBoiAj : 

How do you launch the game ?
You double click on the .exe ?

Deleted 10 days ago

You hold the door handle and push or pull the door.


i am playing the game non vr way 

but shinobo or lolis charcter gliths out anybody know how to fix it 


I'm on V0.75 and I'm trying to fix my controller binding, but it just says "Loading current binding" It's stuck loading the controller binding. I'm on a Quest 1 using Oculus Link and Steam VR.

Did anyone ever find a way to fix this. I'm having the same issue

had the same issue, was solved when I downloaded the 0.8 version, though I still have that issue every now and then, but usually a restart of the game solves it for me (Index btw)

Does it work for the Valve Index?


So I found a picture in my game that was in black and white and had a small stain of I wanna say blood on it, I put it back up and the game became a horror game, so I jumped and quit the game, what should I do? I haven't opened the game back up yet

also if you are wondering, I'm playing on version 8.0

gameplay video please?

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here's the video: https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/3675358

also yes i quit quickly after i did that i do not do good with horror

the link is  dead

The game should be back in a normal state when you restart.

It's a horror minigame. Most of the doors in the building you are in will have been opened and you need to close them before time runs out (you will hear a fast tick when you're running out) to prevent the boogeyman from entering.

As far as I'm aware, neither succeeding nor failing bear any consequence. Your view will just gain a distorting effect for a bit and then come back to normal if you fail. And you just go back to normal after a chime if you succeed.

All in all, it's just a little minigame about closing doors. No need to rush if you do play it either, you've got quite a bit of time. Don't leave the building, though.

K, but I wish they said there was a horror mini game, so I knew what to expect

por que no me deja descargar el juego?, cuando lo intento se descarga hasta cierto punto y luego se cancela y dice prohibido..

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Will they ever make this for quest

It maybe Work With Vietual Desktop



The discord invite in the description is invalid

can you play this on keyboard and mouse? or do i need a VR headset?


yeah you can play it without VR

that's what i did

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