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Do the Index controllers work again? Havnt been able to play the newest version cause the hands arnt configured right. As in controls work, gestures dont.

how did you get the controls to work? I havent been able to grab

I didnt do anything, they worked when I launched, but non of the gestures worked so it was pointless 

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I notice when you go too far down she holds her hands out for a hug and just freezes in place because I was too low for the hug animation to initiate.

It doesn't look weird from above, but from below it's just awkward since the ai uses the same animation, but when you are far down it just looks out of place. 

Instead, I propose another animation, if you lie down, she could pat your head until you get up. Would be relaxing.

hey i have a oculus rift s and i tried to set the settings so i can grab but unfortunately it doesn't work i tried many things but unfortunately no success it's even set in the steam settings but unfortunately the grab doesn't work i have the latest beta version v0.8.03


how do i get this game to work

I just downloaded viva project today and I got into the game but it's just staying on the unpacking 999 characters page. What do I do?

Delete the save file and relaunch. its in Game/Saves

Is it possble to sideload to quest

no, sideloading requires having an apk file of the game, which means the entire game would have to be rewritten to work without steamvr for anything to work, including the game itself

please make a apk file

in the game everything is fine, but my loli has no head,if anyone knows how to set up answer me

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can u play it on oculus


Yes i play on oculus rift s

It seems i cant grab anything, no objects, literally nothing. I am on vr using it and it just doesnt work


Set up your keybinds to your VR device thru steam. It has a tutuorial with screenshots up above

I am stuck in the tutorial where it says wave with R and no matter how many times I hit R nothing happens.

Play on 75.3 not 8.0

waving works on both of those tho? its just more precise on 0.8

Everything is more precise and working on 7.53

How do i configurate the controlls on the Oculus Rift-S? It doesnt really work when i try to change them the way its supposed to.

Do what the screenshots say, i had to restart my computer to get it to work


Can anybody tell how to get this game on the oculus quest

I dont think thats possible

Make An Apk File

can you sideload this onto the quest 2? If you can could someone tell me how?

I dont think thats possible

its possible, just not without a full rewrite of all the code

can we get the option to turn off those tutorial pop ups? been trying to make a machinima and they keep ruining my shots have to scope the area free of the dam things and they come back every time I restart the game.


i do not have a VR none at all the game looks broken without a VR headset is there away to play it right without a VR because nothing works as it should be im feeling very sad to not able to own a VR and i wish i can own one

i think the screenshot below can explain how broken it can go without VR (crying in tears)

Why she naked bro🧐

i just pointed into the bath and boom she became like this wondering around like nothing happened im not sure if this because im playing without a VR or something wrong


I havent tried the v.8 yet but im playing v.7 on pc, works fine on my side. maybe theres something else going on with ur pc and the game (pc updates, drivers (i have win10), tried reinstalling? well hope it works out.

i will try V7 then i hope it works fine

i already tried everything i know as technical still no good

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v7 works almost 99% prefect with no problems at all

will it still reset the checklist when i exit game

bathing doesnt work in 0.8 at all because of the physics rewrite, sleeping does work but only if you physically pick her up and lie her on the bed yourself, chopsticks was taken out of the game in 0.7 for some reason but cards still works afaik...

summary: 0.8 broke most of the main mechanics so if you want the "full" experience then 0.7 is best, alternatively if you like yeeting people then 0.8 is what ur looking for xD


ayo 4k 😳📸

Hello, I would like to know how I can solve the bug of LOli Que Fica invisível. I saw someone else commenting but there was no answer so please answer me

I am double checking if there is an apk file, I heard it's got the quest version ready but checking if it requires link/vdestop thing or not.

can you tell me if it has an apk?

Where can I get characters to put in the game?


And where do I get into the discord group

nevermind,  I already found it

Hey man where did you find it? I heard the discord was banned.

new discord isnt...

This website, look for their collection of characters and clothes

The controls don't work. I can't grab anything.

idk, reinstall the game,   If that doesn't work, I don't know.

look at the screenshot at the top of the page


so, i got this game an hour ago and i tried playing on my oculus quest 2 but when i enter the game my hands just fell on the ground. i cant move them and i also fell with them, i can move my head and around the room touching the in game floor but thats it. i have no clue what to do

Can you tell me if you got it to work on the quest 2?

Because I am thinking of buying one.

You don't have to I just want to know thanks in advance.

well you can make it work but it alot of effort, so i abandoned the game

Thank you. I will look further into it when I get myself a quest 2.

I'm in WMR and I change the binding into custom off VR mode, but in vr the binding is stuck on default and can't switch to custom

The game wont download correctly :/ It doesnt download a folder, instead it's just one single file and Idk how to fix it


add hot guys and i might get it

Can it play on desktop beside vr, I don't have a head set yet but want to play it now



pretty good game but mostly unplayable with my rift s because i can't grab and most gestures don't register (steam controller bind options don't fix it either). will def come back to this if it gets updated with more controller compatibility in the future

it has the compatibility, gestures are just really precise in 0.8 which is why they dont register as much as they should...

grabbing should work as long as you use one of the community bindings...

is there a way to play it with quest? / ocolus?

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would also like that very much, as someone with a very old laptop it would be great to sideload onto the quest.

try buying virtual desktop then go into your files and run the game thats the only thing i can think off

I am Trying to play without V.R., But Itch.IO App will not let me install Versions past 0.55.3! I would like to not play old Versions. Please help? (Sorry for bad english)

the app doesnt like it when you try to launch/install vr games (yes ik ur trying to do desktop mode), download from the website instead coz that has more versions and its easier to play...

hello i tried to type project viva on riot to join your riot server but when i typed it on the search bar it said its not there

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thank you tbh i thought the discord got shut down cause of them hating on the game beacuse of lolis

the old one did, but nobody can stop the lolis xD

that makes sense


btw if ur swimming and she falls over she becomes naked :/




... pedo


why doesn't it work?, all i can see is just all "rars" and one "zip" i wanna try the new zip instead of rar, can you send me the link please?


You have to download Winrar and extract the files. You will see that there is something called "Viva Project" or something of that sort in the files you click on it and you can play the game.

As you can see all versions above 0.5 are in .rar files, this doesnt make any difference for downloading other than the decreased time required, if you want to open said .rar files, use BreeZip (thats what i use and it works fine) and just extract the files to wherever u want to put the game...

can you make the map show where you are with like a marker or something?

How do I make the controller bindings work on quest, I've been trying different bindings but none of them are working


Sadly it doesnt work with index controllers, despite them perfectly emulating vive wands.

just finding this out after 20 minutes of trying to get it to work


and the newest version doesnt work with oculus touch controllers for me 

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screenshots... top of page... works the same as vive, just need to use the bindings for touch...

Oh lol forgot i commented this i fixed it like a hour after i commented this. thanks though!


dude get this on quest via SideQuest. Your popularity would skyrocket. Currently people own more Oculus Quest 2 than any other VRs combined.

its not on sideques

I mean an apk version where you can play it wirelessly via Quest 2

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